Five Reasons we Love Serving our Members

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the lovebirds! It’s also the perfect time to let our friends, family, co-workers, and other special people in our lives, including our members, know we care about them––with or without a store-bought greeting card. 

1. Without our members, the cooperative wouldn't exist. Our purpose is to provide you with reliable, responsible, and affordable electricity. We were made to serve you. That's why we were formed in 1936.

2. You enable us to complete our mission by supporting our efforts to give back. One of our seven cooperative principles is to serve our community. With your assistance, we can support members of our community through operation round-up and our youth programs. 

3. Members of our co-op also serve on our board of directors. They provide guidance for setting co-op priorities and helping make big decisions. Because our board members live in the area, they’re able to serve as the pulse of the larger community and identify immediate and long-term needs.

4. You help us get it right. Our members are great about keeping us in the know. Our members communicate with us, whether it's feedback on
programs, infrastructure, or giving us the heads up on outages or damage.

5. You and other Hendricks Power members make up the community we serve! Our employees live and work here too and care about our community the same way you do. We’re invested and work to help it thrive. That’s why we invest in economic development, and why you’ll see our employees volunteering at local schools and other charitable and community endeavors.

As a co-op, our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community and look after its long-term interests. We love serving our members and our local community, and just like you, want to see it continue to thrive.

Love Balloon