Report an Outage

If you're power has gone out, please let us know either by calling (317) 745-5473 or (800) 876-5473 or click REPORT AN OUTAGE. You can also view a MAP that will identify the locations of outages that have already been reported. 

When reporting a power outage, calls flow through our outage management system, which will provide you with an outage ticket number for confirmation. If you call back to check on the status of your outage, you can hear any additional information that has been added by our operations department.


Potential Causes

With all the benefits that electricity provides, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that the power does, on occasion, go out. There are a number of reasons an outage may occur, such as:
  • Snow and ice collecting on power lines
  • Winds blowing lines and damaging equipment
  • Vehicles striking a pole
  • People digging into underground lines
  • Animals coming in contact with equipment
  • Lightning strikes on lines or equipment
  • Tree limbs coming in contact with lines and equipment
  • Occasionally equipment simply fails

Preventive Maintenance

Hendricks Power invests time and money in maintenance and technology to ensure that power outages are infrequent and as brief as possible. Our team is constantly monitoring our Outage Management System, weather reports and our system map to detect any potential problems.


Recent Outages

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Medical Equipment

Exceptions for restoring power are made for people on life-supporting medical equipment. Notify your co-op immediately if someone in your family uses such equipment, and always have a backup generator ready.
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