our energy advisor program is a free service for members

to help make your home more energy efficient

What is an energy advisor?

Gregg Wright and Steve Hite are your energy advisors from Hendricks Power Cooperative.Our energy advisors are local experts who know your needs, know your energy options - and most importantly, know you.

Whether you're building a new home or simply replacing your water heater, our energy advisors are ready with information, answers and advice. And, this service is free! 

Schedule a FREE Audit

The home energy audit is a free visit to members' homes to check air leaks, insulation and other problems that cause homes to use more energy to cool in the summer and heat in the winter. Our energy advisors are trained and equipped to perform these tasks and more, such as determining how much energy electrical appliances use. They are knowledgeable about the latest technologies for heating, cooling, and lighting in a home, including heat pumps,LED lights and more.


Rebates & Incentives

As a member-owned not-for-profit electric cooperative, we don’t exist to make money from selling electricity, but to provide electricity at the lowest possible rate. That means you benefit from energy-saving programs like POWER MOVES.

Energy Efficiency Videos

These informational videos were created to help you learn more about about energy efficiency and why the time you use electricity matters. 

Nick Dombrosky

Energy Advisor Nick Dombrosky can be reached at:
(317) 745-5473 ext. 619

Steve Hite

Energy advisor Steve Hite can be reached at:
(317) 745-5473 ext. 633

Let Us Help You

  1. Review your daily and hourly electric usage.
  2. Utilize all the features of Smart Hub. 
  3. Recommend ways to shift more electric use to off-peak hours.
  4. Discuss the benefits of smart appliances and thermostats. 
  5. Offer rebates and incentives through POWER MOVES®. 
  6. Help prioritize energy efficiency improvements to your home. 

Smart Hub

Use Smart Hub to check your usage, pay your bill, view outage history and receive notifications and updates. You can login here, or download the app! 
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