2020 Scholarship Spotlight: Macy Walters

Each year, Hendricks Power awards scholarships to local high school seniors. Winners are chosen based on academics, community involvement, and an essay submission. This year's essay prompt was, "Which cooperative principle do you this is most important and why?"



Scholarship Winner Spotlight: Macy Walters

High School: Tri-West

College: Ball State

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

Cooperative Principle: “The Concern for Community principle lays the groundwork for greatness in its current and future members of cooperatives and the community it makes up.  Members of cooperatives, much like here in in Hendricks County, make up our entire community.  It is important for the community to be high on the cooperative’s priority list because there is no better way to improve the cooperative than by improving the community it anchors…As Hendricks Power remains committed to our community, the value they take in the seventh principle and their concern for community is evident. Their willingness to and action towards making our community better for current and future generations is inspiring. The cooperative unites our community and enacts programs in which the community and the cooperative collaborate. Giving back and making the community better and brighter will help members alike for years to come.”

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors, Macy! 🎓