2020 Scholarship Spotlight: Grace Engel

Each year, Hendricks Power awards scholarships to local high school seniors. Winners are chosen based on academics, community involvement, and an essay submission. This year's essay prompt was, "Which cooperative principle do you this is most important and why?"


Grace Engel_0.png

🎓Scholarship Winner Spotlight: Grace Engel

High School: Cascade High School

College: Ball State

Major: Visual Communications/Graphic Design

Cooperative Principle:

“…Hendricks Power Cooperative’s (HPC) most important principle is the concept of Democratic Member Control. That control allows members to receive the best electrical service available. Thanks to democracy, HPC’s customers can depend on their electrical service every single day.

Electric Cooperatives, like HPC, do not have private owners who control the decisions of the entire company. Since electric cooperatives operative under the principle of Democratic Member Control, the “members” or customers vote on significant operational factors, like board members and regulations.”

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors, Grace! 🎓