Can It Wait 'Til 8?

The new time of use rate, effective in April, makes using energy after 8 pm worth the wait.

Effective with April's usage and reflected in May's statements, Hendricks Power is implementing a new time of use rate. The new rate reduces On Peak hours to 5-8 pm on weeknights. This update better reflects the cost of wholesale power, which fluctuates throughout the day and is most expensive for Hendricks Power to purchase during On Peak times. 

Using energy before 5 pm and after 8 pm, during Off Peak times, can save members significantly. The rate per kWh nearly doubles from 5-8 pm, so if you can, wait 'til 8 pm! Waiting to wash dishes, do laundry, or take showers, will reduce your monthly bill.

Below are a few easy changes you can make in your home to reduce your On Peak usage and save money on your next statement! For more money-saving ideas and information about the rate update, please visit As always, we are here to answer your questions and provide resources; call (317) 745-5473.

Starting laundry when everyone gets home Waiting until 8 pm and using the cold water setting
Adjusting your thermostat when you get home Preheating or cooling your home before 5 pm
Starting the dishes immediately after dinner Schedule your dishwasher to run after 11 pm
Showering & bathing right after dinner Wait until closer to bedtime, after 8 pm
Charging your electric vehicle when you get home Schedule charging between 11 pm and 5 am






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