Hendricks Power Cooperative provides electricity and energy services to over 27,000 customers in west central Indiana. As a cooperative, the company is owned not by investors, but by the customers it serves. 

As an electric cooperative, Hendricks Power is part of the nation's largest energy network which includes 1,000 electric cooperatives, public power districts, power supply generation and transmission cooperatives, statewide associations, regional trade and service associations, supply and manufacturing cooperatives, data processing cooperatives and employee credit unions. Electric cooperatives alone serve 32 million customers in 46 states, and cover more land mass than any of the nation's single electric utilities.


Hendricks Power Cooperative exists to distribute high quality, reliable and competitively valued electric energy to its member-owners in an environmentally responsible manner.   

We pledge

  • Achieve the highest levels of integrity and accountability through the use of sound business practices 
  • Improve the communities we serve
  • Enhance the quality of service through innovation, energy related services and and state-of-the-industry technology
  • Promote and sustain an environment of safety through education and training 


Hendricks Power Cooperative is Your Touchstone Energy Partner. Launched in 1998, Touchstoner Energy is the brand name that represents many electric cooperatives around the nation. While each cooperative is locally owned and operated, they share the principles of Innovation, Accountability, Integrity and Commitment to Community.