Large Power Service

Energy Charge
Minimum Monthly Charges
Consumer Charge: $150.00
Facilities Charge: This charge is customer-specific and will be determined within the contract.
Non-Coincident Peak Demand Charge
Power Cost Adjustment
  • -$0.003659 effective July 2018.
  • This power cost adjustment is reflected on your monthly bill and is a mechanism to level and equalize swings in electricity and fuel prices in today’s volatile energy environment. It is increased or decreased based on variable costs such as environmental compliance, fuel and market power purchases. 


Available to any member of the co-op located on its lines for large commercial service multi-phase with an average monthly demand of 150.1 - 3,000 KW.

Type of Service

Alternating current, 60-cycle, multi phase, 120/240 volts or other industry standard voltages mutually agreeable to the member/consumer and the cooperative. 

Determination of Billing Demand

The billing demand shall be the maximum measured 60-minute demand in the current month adjusted for power factor. 
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