Distributed Generation (DG)

DG Energy Credit
Each month the member will receive this amount per kWh generated from their DG and delivered to the Cooperative. All other energy, demand, power cost adjustment, and minimum monthly charges can be found in the applicable residential or commercial rate schedule. 
This APPLICATION FOR INTERCONNECTION OF DISTRIBUTED GENERATION should be completed and returned to a Hendricks Power Cooperative representative in order to begin processing the request.


  1. Available to any member located on the cooperative's lines. 
  2. DG can be installed on single-phase or three-phase services.  
  3. DG must be from a renewable generation source.
  4. Members must comply with the Cooperative's Distributed Generation requirements.

Type of Service

Alternating current, 60-cycle, single-phase or three-phase, at all voltages offered for service by the Cooperative. 

More Information

For more detailed information on our Distributed Generation standards, please click HERE.
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