Get $100 off your Smart Thermostat


  Hurry! Now through October 31st, we're offering a $100 rebate on your Smart Thermostat purchase to our first 50 members! All you have to do is schedule a free, no obligation Smart Thermostat Consultation with one of our Energy Advisors and purchase your Smart Thermostat by October 31st! You can submit a consultation request here or by calling us at (317) 745-5473.

We understand that making an investment and adapting to new technology in your home can be confusing, so we’re here to help! Below are a few commonly asked questions to help with your smart thermostat consultation and upgrade.
Q: What is a Smart Thermostat?
A: By using more advanced technology such as motion sensors, wifi connectivity, geofencing, and a wide variety of other tools, Smart Thermostats allow users to be more energy efficient. In addition to traditional programming methods, Smart Thermostats allow you to adjust your thermostat remotely.
Q: Do Smart Thermostats really save people money?
Most households can save between 8-12% on their heating and cooling by using a Smart Thermostat when set up and programmed correctly. Unfortunately, about 50% of Smart Thermostats are not programmed correctly or utilizing all their energy-efficient features.
Q: Can I install any Smart Thermostat?
A: No! Not all systems are compatible with all thermostats. Even if a Smart Thermostat works with your system, it doesn’t mean that it will run your system more efficiently. Let one of our Energy Advisors help decide what’s the best fit for you based on your HVAC unit, budget, and household habits.
Q: Which Smart Thermostats qualify for the rebate?
A: We know that every home and family is different! If the thermostat you purchase has wifi connectivity and the ability to adjust your thermostat remotely, we’ll give you the $100 credit! We do highly suggest that you choose a thermostat that has been ENERGYSTAR certified to ensure the most savings. You can learn more about certified thermostats at:

Q: Do I have to purchase the Smart Thermostat that was suggested on my consultation?
A: No! If you prefer a different thermostat for any reason, as long as it follows the standards above, you're eligible for the rebate!
Q: My HVAC system offers a branded Smart Thermostat; do I have to use theirs?
A: Some HVAC systems do offer/suggest their specific Smart Thermostat, and in most cases they are most efficient thermostat for your system. Unfortunately, a lot of these smart thermostats don’t offer some of the same integrations and features with Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit.
Q: I received a Smart Thermostat Consultation, but want to do more research?
A: Some of our favorite comparison charts can be found at the links below:
Q: How do I get my rebate?
A: After puchasing your Smart Thermostat and submitting the rebate form provided at your consultation, your $100 rebate will be reflected on your next bill!

If you have any additional questions about your consultation or help deciding which thermostat is right for your home, contact our Energy Advisors at (317) 745-5473!

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