Industrial Rates

We have the ability to custom-tailor electric rates for individual customers who use at least 3,000 kilowatts of electricity a month in their operations. We can help current and potential customers assess their needs from a power and product standpoint and develop a competitive pricing plan that assures abundant, affordable energy. 

Customer Load Scheduling

This service guarantees the customer that their full load requirements will be met. 

Spinning/Operating Reserve.

This ensures that back-up customer service is available in the event of an unexpected fluctuation or loss of generation.

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Our engineering department can assist with: 
  1. VAC and lighting feasibility studies
  2. Engineering and design
  3. Energy management, metering and monitoring
  4. Power quality installations
  5. Product procurement
  6. Power factor correction
  7. Project management
  8. Installation and financing
  9. Maintenance programs
  10. Disposal and environmental issues
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