2020 Scholarship Spotlight: Sophia Trinkle

Each year, Hendricks Power awards scholarships to local high school seniors. Winners are chosen based on academics, community involvement, and an essay submission. This year's essay prompt was, "Which cooperative principle do you this is most important and why?"

Sophia Trinkle.png

ūüéstScholarship Winner Spotlight: Sophia Trinkle

High School: Avon High School  

College: Indiana University

Major: Global & International Studies & French

Cooperative Principle:

‚ÄúEducation is the most important principle because it shows the commitment and altruism of Hendricks Power.¬† Education, training, and information give the community power to work for themselves, and they encompass the six other principles.¬† Hendricks Power Cooperative is dedicated to working for the community and empowering community members through their education and informational efforts.¬† Programs such as the high voltage safety demonstration and the Youth Power and Hope Award promote safety and education within the community.¬† These efforts unite the community and provide an outlet for individuals to improve themselves and their community.‚ÄĚ

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors, Sophia! ūüéď