Industrial Service

Monthly rate

Consumer charge:

Facilities charge:

(customer specific) determined in contract

Demand charge:
Coincident Peak $15.02/KW

Energy charge:

Available to any member of the co-op located on its lines for large commercial service multi-phase with an average monthly demand of 3,000.1 KW or more.

Type of service

Alternating current, 60-cycle, multi-phase, 120/240 volts or other industry standard voltages mutually agreeable to the member consumer and the corporation. 

Determination of billing demand
The billing demand shall be the maximum measured 60-minute demand in the current month adjusted for power factor.

Minimum monthly charge
The minimum monthly charge shall be the following:

  1. The consumer charge, and
  2. All facility charges.

All bills are subject to Wholesale Power Tracker. See rates page for explanation.