PP 1

How much is your electric bill? You decide! In traditional billing systems, you have little knowledge of how much energy was used until you receive a bill, which is why many members may prefer this new payment option. Please click for more information on how this works or call our office at (317) 745-5473 to sign up.

Single-Phase General Service for residential, farm, commercial and public buildings.

Monthly rate

Consumer charge:

Energy charge:

Available to any member of the organization located on its lines for rural, residential, farm, commercial and public buildings. This rate schedule will serve single-phase member/consumers.

Type of service
Alternating current, 60-cycle, single phase, 120/240 volts or other industry standard voltages mutually agreeable to the member consumer and the corporation.

Minimum monthly charge
The minimum monthly charge shall be the following:

1.      The consumer charge, and

2.      A charge of $1.00 per kVa of the member consumer’s required transformer capacity for all over 15 kva.

All bills are subject to Wholesale Power Tracker. See rates page for explanation.