As Americans become more aware of issues related to climate change and the nation’s energy consumption, many members wonder what they can do to help in their own homes and businesses. One thing we encourage is making more efficient use of energy through everything from purchasing more efficient appliances to properly sealing your home. 


Another option we offer gives members the opportunity to purchase electricity generated through environmentally-friendly sources. The EnviroWatts® earth-friendly energy alternatives program allows members to support electricity that is generated from sources such as wind and biomass. By paying a slight premium on their monthly electric bill, we arrange for them to purchase what are known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from those sources.

That doesn’t mean we come out and attach new power lines to our members’ homes and businesses. But it does mean that we’re working together to support renewable energy sources by encouraging their ongoing use.  

wabash valley power association

Our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Association, is a leader in the Midwest in terms of practical use of Earth-friendly generation, and such sources account for a growing percentage of the power it supplies to co-ops like ours. These include solar, wind, biogas and methane from landfills. Currently renewable resources supply more than 4 percent of the association's total member energy requirements. 


National Renewables Cooperative Organization

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Renewable Portfolio Standards