Round Up


Operation Round Up is a voluntary fundraising program that lets you donate spare change on your energy bill, never more than 99 cents per month, to help those in need in our community. When you agree to participate, we “round up” your energy bill to the next dollar. The difference goes into a special fund administered by the Hendricks Power Advisory Board. The Board will then distribute the money back into the community – to the places that need it most.

Together, our small change makes a big difference. If 5,000 members participate with an average donation of $6 per year, that’s $30,000 we can put to work in our community!

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Could your organization or charity benefit from this program? Please read our guidelines to verify your eligibility and then submit the completed application for our Advisory Board to review. Decisions regarding contributions will be made based on the degree to which the request fulfills Hendricks Power’s mission and service areas. 


Hendricks County Community Foundation