Hendricks Power customers can pay their bill in many different ways. Besides just mailing us a check, we also can take payments over the phone by Mastercard and Visa. If you want to stop by during business hours, we can take cash, check, Mastercard and Visa. Address & map found here. We also have a 24 hour payment box available.

For those looking for other options, choose the link of each option below to learn more about them or to sign up for that service. They are also available from the "Billing Options" menu.


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If you would like to be able to pay a similar amount each month, choose our "budget billing" option. After you've had 12 bills, we can average those to avoid the seasonal highs and lows.

Power Pay

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If you would like your bill deducted automatically from your checking account or credit card, choose "EZ Power Pay." You will still will receive a bill each month but it will be marked "paid-bank draft."

Pay Online with SmartHub

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This innovative software replaces our e-Bill system. Members already enrolled in e-bill will login using the same credentials. In addition to paying your bill, you can access daily usage, outage history and other timely information. Even if you receive a paper bill, you can still take advantage of the SmartHub features. Check out this FAQ for more information.


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For those who would like to donate to local charities, the "Operation Roundup" option allows us to roundup your bill to the next whole dollar each month and donate those funds to a great cause.

If you don't see the option you are looking for or need additional assistance, please email us or give us a call at 317-745-5473 and we will be happy to assist you.