Hot Weather Energy Savings

Former energy utility regulator Marty Blake talks about saving energy and money during hot weather.

Clean Air Rate Increase

Former Energy Utility Regulator Marty Blake discusses how clean air regulations will increase the cost of electricity by 10%.

Your Energy Dollar

Former energy utility regulator Marty Blake talks about what you get for your energy dollar.

Tips to Decrease Your Energy Bill

Adding more insulation to your attic is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact on your energy bill.

Learn more about our energy advisor program

This program is specially designed to assist our Members with energy concerns. Contact us to schedule your FREE energy audit and learn ways you could make your home more energy efficient.

Meet Your Energy Advisor

Meet Energy Advisor Gregg Wright and hear how he can help you become more energy efficient and save money!

Hendricks Power is Wired for Technology

This video describes our efforts to stay current with technology.

Glenn English Speech

Glenn English Speech

Our Energy, Our Future

Our Energy, Our Future

We Believe

We Believe