Hendricks Power Cooperative celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2001. Formed in 1936, following the creation of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Rural Electrification Administration (REA), Hendricks Power Cooperative started with a small meeting of 12 people, farmers and rural residents, unable to convince the local utility, which was owned by investors, to build lines to serve them. They claimed it simply wasn't profitable to provide service to such sparsely-populated areas.

The formal construction of these rural electric lines began the summer of 1937. On January 1, 1938, the first 122 miles of line was energized. Approximately 400 members received power to their homes and farms for the first time. The name Hendricks County Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) was adopted, as the cooperative slowly grew. 

Today, Hendricks Power Cooperative serves over 26,000 members in Hendricks, Putnam, Morgan and Montgomery counties.